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What we were looking for in 2010

Another year is over.

Today is my last day of work for 2010. Not too sad to see the year end, I must say. Despite all the financial gurus telling us the economy is fixed and that everything is fine, we all know it isn’t yet. I think many years from now we will look back on the confident “it’s over” talk of 2009 and 2010 and just shake our heads.

But such is life.

I’m really excited about life in general though. The world is a chaotic place, and I’m not sure if this is a hallmark of life on Earth, or just the time we are living in, dubbed by me as “The Future”. After all, we are now in the time well beyond 2000, and beyond Marty McFly’s visit in ‘Back To The Future’ that happened in July this year. And although we don’t have hovercars (not as cool as it sounds), or hover skateboards (infinitely cooler than it sounds), we still live life with the most ridiculous amount of futuristic technology, and never give it so much as a second though. Reflect with me a second…

10 years ago, computers and the Internet were the world of the “IT guys”, and the geeks. Now, just about everyone I know runs and maintains (daily!) their own websites in the form of a Facebook page or a blog. Many run their own small news feeds with Twitter and the like.

Everyone I know carries with them in their pocket a tiny device that can, among much else, take photos, record video, browse the Internet, and pretend to make phonecalls (Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?)

Our photos now remember where on the planet they were taken with GPS co-ordinates, and our mapbooks are replaced with a talking device to tell us where we’re going (You have… Reached! Yourdestination!. Now just to teach them proper emphasis and timing).

And yet, life is just the same as it was in the past, really. People get sick, and die, cars crash, and so do computers. Tragedies unfold. Discoveries are made.

But today, have a look around you, and just ask yourself, “would I have seen this scene 15 or even 10 years ago?”.

"Would that casual labourer on the side of the road be talking on a mobile phone? Would I even be? Would that older gentleman be looking at his shopping list which he saved into his smartphone rather than writing it down? Would that person be watching video from the Internet, no cables in sight, on a computer that’s a 1cm thin tablet with no keyboard?"

There have been so many technological advances, but the important stuff remains the same: people. We make friends. We date and get married. We build families. We fight and offend and hurt one another. We love and forgive and grow.

So contrary to many 80s movies about the future, we won’t all be wearing the same uniform any time soon, we won’t have a collective sense of humour failure (that one’s debatable). We probably won’t be moving to a new planet any time soon. We will continue to be people, living, trying to survive, as we have done for countless generations.

We’ll have loads of cool gear though.

Now all of this whole long story was brought on by the absolutely fantastic Google video about what we searched for in 2010, “the Google Zeitgeist 2010”. It’s such a great video, I think I will post it as a separate post. Please watch it, it shows the highs and lows of the year that was 2010. A great thing to watch! 

Here’s to 2011. May you be a full 365 days of life. Highs and lows, joy and tragedy, you can include a bit of both if you must. I’m not fussy. I’ve realized that you answer to the same King I do, and while He’s sometimes frighteningly quiet about a good bit of mayhem happening on this planet, I know He works it all together, somehow, for our good and His glory. It’s a vast and amazing story that He’s writing in each of our lives, and like any good story, there are dark days and happy times.

So bring whatever you want to, 2011.

We’re not ready for it by any means, but we will wake up on your 31st of December and say, “What a year, huh?”

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