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MISA meets President Joyce Banda

And on the far, far, other end of the spectrum is African Rockstar President Joyce Banda of Malawi - my favorite politician. In fact, the only active politician I would actually choose to meet in person, I think. she continues to do the exact opposite as the ANC here, and it’s working, very well. She met with the Media, and this is what they had to say about her:

MISA wishes to thank President Banda for her expression of sincerity towards the need for a free and independent media in a democracy and also in fostering a consolidated development agenda in Malawi.

Consider this in comparison to our own president who has several lawsuits against the media still ongoing.

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Malawi President Joyce Banda gives up privilege of hosting the African Union summit because of her refusal to recognize Bashir's government as legitimate.


In more links about people I have a crush on, the AMAZING new president of Malawi Joyce Banda (who I’ve posted about kind of frequently in the last few weeks) is making news again for continuing to be a complete bad ass.

This time, she’s refusing to recognize the Sudanese government under president Omar  al-Bashir.  Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court for his crimes against the people of Darfur.  

Banda threatened that Bashir would be arrested if he tried to enter the country.

The African Union insisted Bashir be allowed to attend the meeting, so Malawi gave up the opportunity to host rather than recognize his authority.

(Source: hips-like-battleships, via ndiwoandporridge)

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Joyce Bands setting a precedent other leaders should follow.
by Talk Radio 702
from Talk Radio 702 - John Robbie Comments

Have a listen to John Robbie’s comment about the new Malawi President, Joyce Banda. Here is a good president. She’s gotten rid of unnecessary luxuries like presidential jets and Mercedes-Benz Limo’s (If your nation’s people live in poverty, you don’t deserve a Jet, and she understand this), she’s gotten rid of the dodgy leaders, and began the process of fixing teir currency - by doing something unpopular - devaluing the currency by a third.

So that’s brought some additional hardship to the people, but they accept it, because the person deciding this isn’t doing it between swills of expensive whisky while riding around in a 3 million rand car.

Word to President Zuma and his Comrades - this is what you should look like - see the face of a real leader:

Read more about her in the news here:


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